Greater Vallejo Recreation District
395 Amador Street
Vallejo, Ca 94590
(707) 648-4600
FAX (707) 648-4616

Office Hours
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Contact Information

Important Notice: We are updating our telephone system so we can better serve our customers. During this transition if you leave a message for someone and do not receive a call back within 24 hours, please call again. Thank you for your patience.

Board of Directors

Gabriel Lanusse, Interim General Manager
Telephone: 707-648-4603

Christina Corse, Administrative Support Supervisor , Board Secretary, PEAK Administrator, Front office
Telephone: 707-648-4604

Gabe Lanusse, Maintenance Superintendent
Telephone: 707-648-4602

Phillip McCoy, Recreation Superintendent 
Telephone: 707-648-4646

Romi Selfaison, Finance Director
Telephone: 707-648-4617

Penny Harman, Accounting Specialist
Telephone: 707-649-4854

Dayna Asbury, Accounting Assistant
Telephone: 707-648-4610

Salvador Nuno, Parks Supervisor
Telephone: 707-648-4618

Tom McNair, Facilities Supervisor
Telephone: 707-648-4632

Anthony Kenaston, Recreation Supervisor (Youth, Sports)
Telephone: 707-648-4611

Justin Saroyan, Recreation Supervisor (Aquatics, Special Events)
Telephone: 707-648-4663

Eddie Behle, Recreation Coordinator (Special Events, Children's Wonderland)

Crystal Stephan, Recreation Coordinator (Foley Cultural Center)
Telephone: 707-648-4630

Kevin Rahill, Recreation Coordinator (Vallejo Community Center, REACH)
Telephone: 707-648-4640

Sandy Tawaratsumida, Recreation Coordinator (North/South Vallejo Community Center)

Andrea Salvador, Recreation Coordinator (Mare Island Sports Complex)
Telephone: 707-562-4625

Roslynn Brown, Recreation Coordinator (Youth Department, Teens)
Telephone: 707-648-4483

Alexi Trottier, Recreation Coordinator (Encore, Break Camps)
Telephone: 707-648-5267

Brandon Bracy, Recreation Coordinator (Sports)
Telephone: 707-657-4105